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Hot and cold food in chinese medicine metabolism

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that each organ has its point of highest energy and lowest energy. This 24 hour cycle is believed to help us know when to exercise, eat, have sex, rest and sleep. It also acts as a way to communicate with a particular organ or meridian energy channel of the body. It is also the ideal time to wash your body and comb your hair. It is believed that combing your hair helps to clear out energy from the mind. At this time, emotions of defensiveness or feelings of being stuck could be evoked.
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Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Liver and Eye Health

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Traditional Chinese Organ Body Clock - Forever Conscious

With three common liver imbalances to choose from, learn how selecting the right dietary therapy strategy can help improve eyesight. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM , many problems with the eyes are related to the health of the liver organ system. Strategies to restore the liver to optimal function consequently improve eye health. A licensed practitioner of TCM is the only one who can responsibly administer the modalities of acupuncture and herbal remedies to correct such a liver imbalance.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine Benefits, Herbs & Therapies

In traditional Chinese medicine TCM , coughing indicates abnormal qi activity inside the lungs. TCM believes that the lungs are not only responsible for respiration, but also dominate the qi vital energy of the whole body. It inhales pure qi from nature and exhales the impure qi.
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However, particularly in hot weather or as a matter of habit, almost everyone likes to drink cold beverages or eat cold foods like ice cream without noticing the potential problems that will be encountered or connecting it to the temperature of the food or drink you take into your body. When we eat or drink, our stomachs produce enzymes needed for digestion that can only survive in a limited temperature range in the body. When cold food or drink is ingested, our bodies have to counteract the temperature difference in order to preserve a suitable environment for these enzymes in the stomach for our digestion to function well. The result is phlegm formed in the lungs which lowers lung function and capacity. Prolonged ingestion of cold food and drink can cause coughs, susceptibility to the flu or other illnesses, dry skin and numerous other symptoms.